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What is it that guides the homeopathic physician, who wishes above all to return an autistic child to full contact with the real world? What feelings does a doctor experience when, due to his/her curative art, a person is blessed with health and is drawn toward higher purposes of existence?

While preparing this Congress we have been guided by these feelings of great love and joy. People from different corners of the planet, who have completely devoted themselves to the practice of homeopathy, and those who support and protect it, put their souls into the harmony of this Congress.



Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to invite you to the European Congress of Homeopathy in Riga. The venue is very special indeed, as geographically Riga is a sort of a bridge, being located between East and West. It is quite naturally an ideal meeting place for people from various countries, who wish to share their work experience and learn from each other.

Our organizing team will make every effort to make your stay an unforgettable experience by creating an ambiance of learning and pleasure, while offering improved tools for practice at the same time. The goal of our international Scientific Committee is to ensure that your work with patients will be enriched by knowledge derived from valuable lectures that you will hear.

Through observations of life and Nature homeopathy leads us to a deeper and broader awareness. Our findings are not based on some sentimental and mystical intuition, but are the results of practical insights of a highly evolved mind.

It is also the duty of homeopathy to commit itself to spreading Hahnemann’s message far and wide. Surely, it would be in the spirit of Hahnemann to carry out an endless search in order to reduce the suffering of humankind.

One of the goals of this congress is to go back to homeopathy’s roots and to show that following the principles of Hahnemann means following the path of incontestable truth and power enabling us to relieve even the most severe and new illnesses of the last decades.

The goal is to unite homeopaths from different countries with different experience to further explore and clarify Hahnemann’s discoveries and provide attendants with excellent tools to face the new challenges of the 21st century.

May this congress in Riga turn into an excellent impulse for further development of the possibilities of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy has a great responsibility to train and educate highly qualified practitioners capable of applying consistently its core principles as they are outlined by Hahnemann in the Organon and Chronic Diseases.

The Riga congress will become a stepping stone and impetus to give homeopathy its deserved place of primary intervention in any family. Homeopathy deserves to be at the forefront of treatment choices for any disease and not be delegated an auxiliary role among the many proposed therapies.

Welcome to the Congress!

Luc De Schepper, M.D., PhD, Lic. Ac.
The president of European Congress of Homeopathy



My dear colleagues,

When hundreds of people united by a noble goal and universal philosophy gather together, it is indeed an event of great importance
for the whole world.

I am greatly honored and pleased to invite you to Riga, capital of Latvia, a hospitable and friendly Baltic country to host an event of such
a scale – the European Homeopathic Congress.

The aim of the Congress is to create a b r i d g e of k n o w l e a d g e between those countries where Hahnemannian homeopathy is held in high esteem and those whose homeopathic tradition still needs to develop and mature.

We also hope our Congress will make it obvious there exists another intangible bridge bringing together Art and Science, for Homeopathy, as we all know, is both Science and Art at the same time, and the bridge between the two lies on solid pillars of Homeopathic Principles derived from Laws of Nature itself.

We do believe the Congress will adequately reflect the state of homeopathy as it has evolved by the year 2011, and will identify the most essential trends of its further development.

We’ll be speculating on various natural phenomena that can be revealed due to patients' evolution in the course of homeopathic treatment and assessing the value of natal and prenatal history; we’ll be trying to shed light on secrets of the unborn child’s life, the memory mechanism; we’ll attempt at identifying limitations of homeopathy when dealing with genetically determined pathology; we’ll discuss controversy associates with vaccination and possible alternatives to substitute for it. Also, we’ll try to show how problems, occurring early in life, if not recognized and cured in time, negatively influence one’s destiny and life, reducing it to mere survival.

We’ll discuss methodology of homeopathic treatment of cancer, diabetes, mental disorders and other illnesses in children and adults. Thus, you’ll be given excellent opportunities to share with us your success stories - brilliant cases of homeopathic methods curing diseases, deemed incurable by traditional allopathic medicine.

The Congress will be open to our skillful assistants, the homeopathic pharmacists, who the doctor depends and relies on for the realization of his/her decisions. A Special Forum awaits veterinarians and dentists who apply homeopathic treatment in their practice.

There is another important item on the Congress agenda to be offered to the audience. It’s a proposal to create a new school of higher learning - Medical University of Homeopathy.

We are sure your participation in the Congress, your thorough insights and ideas will contribute to its success. So, we invite you to join your colleagues from all over the world and enjoy a highly professional discussion, and share your experience and expertise, as well as veneration for the Guiding Art of Homeopathic Cure, with all of us.

About the host country, its capital and the Spring

Latvia has molded its identity as a geographical and historical crossroad. And this is what makes it quite unique. Its capital city, Riga (member of the medieval Hanseatic Union), saw the opening of the country's first homeopathic pharmacy in 1833 – the year when Hahnemann's 5th edition of “Organon” called the “Ground Breaker” by modern practitioners was published. And now Riga is to become venue for the international forum on homeopathy!

So, you may really have a great chance to visit a city, famous for its charm and rich history.

Besides, you will also be treated to a performance at the Latvian National Opera and an organ concert by an Austrian homeopath physician Walter Gluck in St.John’s cathedral. You will be able to partake of some gourmet dishes the Latvian cuisine boasts of, enjoy dancing at the Gala Dinner and recharge your batteries at the First Homeopathic Tennis Tournament!

May is probably the most beautiful month of the year in Latvia. You will see rhododendrons
in blossom and the Baltic Sea awakening…

We are sure you will have a lot of good memories of the Congress and other wonderful things
we can share!

Welcome to the European Congress of Homeopathy in Riga!

Marina Afanasieva, MD
Head of Organizing Committee